Entry Fees and Discounts

Child (Age 3-18) 1450 HUF
Student 1700 HUF
Adult 2200 HUF
Pensioner 1500 HUF
Full Price / Supporter Ticket 4000 HUF
Children (min. 10 persons) 1300 HUF
Students (min. 15 persons) 1400 HUF
Adults (min. 15 persons) 1800 HUF
Pensioners (min. 15 persons) 1350 HUF
Further Discounts
Family (2 adults + 1 child) 5400 HUF
Additional Children (max 4) 850 HUF
Handicapped (Free entrance for one attendant per person) 300 HUF/person
Children in State Care (Free entrance for three attendants per 10 children) 300 HUF/person
Kindergarten Groups: Free entrance for three attendants per every 10 children
Groups of primary and secondary schools: Free entrance for two attendants and one driver per every 10 students.
For adult groups: Free entrance for the leader and the driver per 10 - 30 persons; free entrance for an additional attendant per additional 30 persons.